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A weekly girl’s night of wine and laughter quickly turns into an amateur murder investigation. WINE AND CRIME revolves around five women who have a weekly dose of wine and therapy. They use the time to talk about their lives - mostly anything that is plucking their nerves at the time. During one of the get-togethers a murder is mentioned. Living in a small town, the group knew the woman that was murdered, so they take it upon themselves to “help” solve the crime.

With their combined “skills”, the ladies set off on their investigation. They quickly realize that a portion of the married community had a score to settle with the dead woman. Although they find themselves in some pretty ridiculous predicaments, they always come back strong. They speak to witnesses, commit a few misdemeanors, and possible felonies. Accosting a police officer. Pfft. Obstructing an investigation. You can’t obstruct an investigation that is not in motion, can you? Maybe when this crime is solved, they may think about “helping” with another.

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